Hand painted backdrops for hire in Melbourne & Sydney

12oz or 14oz loomstate artist cotton canvas.

This 100% cotton canvas is heavy-duty, providing exceptional strength and a straight, beautiful hang. When it comes to crafting a backdrop, layering is key to achieving the desired depth, warmth and texture. Multiple coats of paint are ideal for this purpose. That's were this canvas shines, allowing for those many layers.

The canvas is made of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the test of time.  The texture of the canvas is the perfect  surface to handle heavy applications of paint without warping or sagging.

MCB Studio Backdrops uses raw canvas which allows the paint to seep into the fabric giving a more matte or organic finish.

The canvas is available in a variety of sizes, whether you're wanting a small, intimate piece or a large, sprawling canvas, this canvas is up to the task.

Overall, this exceptionally robust canvas is the best quality for hand painted backdrops.


7oz light weight cotton canvas.

Raw Nessel canvas is a type of woven fabric made of 100% cotton. It has a flat surface, making it suitable for painted backdrops. This fabric is commonly used for theatre sets, but it can also be used for bagged drops. For easy transportation, Bagged Drops are provided in a drawstring bag.

To keep the fabric mobile and allow for draping and cinching, only one or two layers of paint are used when painting on Nessel. The paint seeps right through the fabric creating an interesting B side to the project. Due to its light weight nature Nessel will allow some light through the fabric and may need a backing or to be hung without a window or light behind it.

7oz lightweight cotton canvas is a lighter option compared to the heavy duty canvas making it a popular choice that is easy to handle and transport.

Despite its lighter weight, 7oz lightweight cotton canvas is still a durable and high-quality material. 

Overall, this fabric is a versatile and reliable choice for backdrops to be scrunched in a bag or folded.


Muslin Poly/Cotton mix fabric is a popular budget choice for backdrops.

Usually pre-sized with a pole pocket at the top, it is typically more sheer than other materials, allowing plenty of light to shine through. This makes it ideal for backlighting. Similar to Nessel, Poly/Cotton mix fabric is usually painted with only 1-2 layers of paint, making it a great choice for bagged drops. However this fabric is not often used by MCB.

One of the advantages of the Poly/Cotton mix fabric is that it is relatively easy to handle and transport, due to its lightweight nature. It is also quite durable, meaning that it can withstand frequent use and handling without tearing or becoming damaged.

Overall, if you're looking for a budget-friendly backdrop option that is versatile, durable, and easy to use, the Poly/Cotton mix fabric is definitely worth considering.