HEAVENLY HUES - 2.6 m by 3.5 m


Imagine fluffy clouds dancing against a baby blue sky. That's what I had in mind when experimenting with this piece. Painted on a humble painter's drop sheet made of polyester, viscose, and cotton. Sure, it's not high-end fabric, and it may have some crease lines, but who cares when the end result is this stunning!

The backdrop's side B boasts a hip appearance that resembles crumpled dirty denim.

All painted/dyed backdrops are 1 off's as we do not replicated (with the exception of single solid colour dyed backdrops).

Slight variations may occur; colours may vary from screen to screen and to what you see in person.

Keep in mind, rental items may have picked up a little wear and tear since their photoshoot. It's the nature of the beast!

This backdrop is rolled and dimensions approx 280cm x 8cm x 8cm / 8kg. PLEASE NOTE this can be removed and folded for easier transportation.