Squeeze Me & Spicey - 3m by 4m/1.8m by 3m


Behold the perfect pairing of zesty orange and earthy rust backgrounds, whether you want to be bold and layer them or use one as a backdrop and the other as flooring.

Hand dyed Nessel canvas.  Soft texture and inbuilt fabric texture due to the process.

Dyed on light weight 7oz canvas fabric. These drops are carried in a bag either scrunched or folded and makes for easy transportation. Spritz or steam the creases for a flatter look or incorporate the creases into your final look.

All painted/dyed backdrops are 1 off's as we do not replicate.

Colours may vary slightly from monitor to product

Keep in mind, rental items may have picked up a little wear and tear since their photoshoot. It's the nature of the beast!

This backdrop comes in a drawstring bag and is easy to transport.


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