The Sisters - various sizes


Introducing The Sisters - three stunning backdrops, each painted by hand in the hues of warm flesh, rich brown, and deep chestnut.

3 drops lightly painted on 7oz canvas called Nessel. The sizes are:
Flesh 178cm by 279cm
Brown 273cm by 289cm
Chestnut 250cm by 279cm

These come folded in a bag. A light steam or spritz of water will help the creases drop. Fold, scrunch, cinch or drape if a straight hang isn't what you are after.

these were pieces I created experimenting with colour and texture. Sister 1, the Flesh toned drop has a few small pin holes in the fabric. This will not affect your photograph.

All painted/dyed backdrops are 1 off's as we do not replicated (with the exception of single solid colour dyed backdrops).

Keep in mind, rental items may have picked up a little wear and tear since their photoshoot. It's the nature of the beast!

Slight variations may occur; colours may vary from screen to screen and to what you see in person.


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